TSSF Community Obedience

Wed 26 Jul 2017

In all provinces of the Third Order this offering of prayer should be made daily, either on its own or in the context of Morning or Evening Prayer

We adore you, most holy, Lord Jesus Christ
here and in all your churches throughout the world,
and we bless you, because by your holy Cross,
you have redeemed the world.

The daily reading from the Principles for day 26

The Second Note (continued)

Therefore, we seek to love all those to whom we are bound by ties of family or friendship. Our love for them increases as our love for Christ grows deeper. We have a special love and affection for members of our own Order, praying for each other individually and seeking to grow in that love. We are on our guard against anything which might injure this love and we seek reconciliation with those from whom we are estranged. We seek the same love for those with whom we have little natural affinity, for this kind of love is not a welling-up of emotion, but is a bond founded in our common union with Christ.

Intercessions for day 26

THE AMERICAS - Minister Provincial: Tom Johnson

Brazil and Guyana

Central South England Cluster

Link Tertiary: Peter Thompson

Channel Islands Area

Area Minister: Jan le Billon

Area FG: Margaret Boden-Heaume

Area NG: Margaret Ogier

Secretary & Comms: Anita Carey

Treasurer: Sue Dryden

Guernsey: Anita Carey

Jersey: Angela Le Sueur

Solent Area

Area Minister: Heather Hall

Area FG: Carol Smart

Area NG: Jenny Owens

Secretary: Judy Benham

Comms: Carol Smart

Treasurer: Jo Hillier

Retreats Sec: Judy Benham

Isle of Wight: Gerald Beattie

Meon Groups: Jennifer Robinson

Portsmouth: Maggie MacBeth

O God, we give you thanks
for the Third Order of the Society of St Francis.
Grant, we pray, that being knit together
in community and prayer,
we your servants may glorify your holy name
after the example of St Francis, and win others to your love;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Collect for Wednesday

Merciful God, you have made your church rich
through the poverty of blessed Francis:
help us like him, not to trust in earthly things,
but to seek your heavenly gifts
through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

The offering of prayer may continue with either Morning or Evening Prayer or conclude with either of the following:

May our Blessed Lady pray for us;
May St Francis pray for us;
May St Clare pray for us;
May all the Saints of the Third Order pray for us;
May the holy angels watch over us and befriend us;
May our Lord Jesus give us his blessing and his peace. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us evermore. Amen.

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